Water Gauge
Water gauge
Object information
Location Turbine Room
Usage Regulates the flow of water needed to keep the ship operating

The water gauge is a machine located in the Turbine Room that regulates the flow of water needed to keep the ship operating. In order to access the Engine Room, a seaman who is having trouble fixing the turbine power output will request assistance from Frank Carlson, whom he assumes is an employee of the White Star Line.

Puzzle SolutionEdit

The objective to fixing the water gauge is to move the needle on the left hand side into the green zone. Though the instructions for fixing the machine can be given by the seaman if Carlson is stuck, the actual solution to the puzzle is simpler.

The player should turn all of the available red valve wheels to the left as far as they will go, before moving the Boiler Control lever until the needle moves into the specified area.

The gauge will need fixing a second time when Carlson goes to the Engine Room to reach the fourth smokestack, though the solution for doing so remains the same.


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