Turbine Room
Dead Sasha Barbicon
Area Accesible via the 2nd Class F-Deck cabins

The Turbine Room is located down the stairs leading from the 2nd Class cabins on F-Deck. Carlson must go through this room where meets a crew member in the Control Room, who is experiencing difficulty with the water gauge.


Once Carlson has solved the problem he can go into the Engine Room and from there must go into the Boiler Rooms, until he enters the third one where he encounters a Serbian stowaway named Vlad Demonic and must also switch the Rubaiyat around from coal chute 4 to another one and collect Vlad's package from Sasha. If he has done all this, he can take the book as Vlad will have been unable to find it and he will have gone to deliver the news in person (how Vlad, a stowaway, would be able to reach Sasha all the way up in First Class, is unclear).

Carlson must return to the Engine Room later in the evening in order to access the Fourth Smokestack, where Willi's notebook is hidden. On this occasion however, Vlad ambushes him and engages him in a brutal fist fight. Regardless of whether Carlson wins or loses, he will still be able to climb the false smokestack where he will find the notebook and encounter Colonel Zeitel, who demands that he hand over the notebook. If Carlson uses the gas pen on Zeitel,it will knock him out, enabling Carlson to go back down the false smokestack. However, on returning to the Engine Room, Vlad will knock him out cold with a huge wrench.

Later on, as the ship is sinking, Carslon finds Vlad in the Turbine Room with Sasha, who he has murdered. The Control Room and Engine Room are inaccessible during the sinking.

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