Third Officer Morrow
Biographical information
Died 15 April, 1912
RMS Titanic (sunk), Atlantic Ocean
Title(s) Third Officer
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Annie Morrow (wife)
Matthew Morrow (son)
Tom (brother-in-law)
Cabin "On the boat deck, near the bridge"
Occupation Ship's Officer
Loyalty White Star Line
"Politics! Desk-top espionage! Bureaucrats! Pah! Give me the sea — you can toss the rest."
—Third Officer Morrow.

Third Officer Morrow is the Titanic 's third officer and a British veteran of the Second Boer War. He is standing watch the night of the sinking and is in command of the Titanic. He is fifth in command of the ship behind the Second Officer, First Officer, Chief Mate, and the Captain. He goes down with the ship after launching the last of the lifeboats.


Third Officer Morrow must be spoken with in order to enter the Wireless Room, and spoken to carefully. If Carlson finds and returns his binoculars, Morrow will allow him to visit the Bridge.

Carlson will also have to speak with Morrow to enter the Turkish Bath after receiving news of Haderlitz's death.

During the sinking he can not be bribed with a boat pass, but if the player helps "keep passengers calm" he will save a spot on the last boat out.


  • Third Officer Morrow is played by John Mayer.
  • Titanic's actual Third Officer was Herbert Pitman, who was not on duty when the ship struck the iceberg. He also survived the sinking.
  • Though Third Officer Morrow is the only senior officer spoken to (or even seen) in the game, First Officer William Murdoch was actually on duty that night along with Sixth Officer James Moody.
  • Though Third Officer Morrow states he will relay the binoculars to the crow's nest, they never actually make it there and do not play a role in the sinking.
  • Morrow is the only character that can be seen in more than one location in 'tour mode': the Bridge and the Wireless Room.
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