"I certainly couldn't give such information out to someone like you"
—The Purser, if you ask for any real high profile passengers
The Purser
Physical information
Gender Male
Aboard the Titanic
Occupation Purser

The Purser is a White Star officer who acts as the account keeper for the RMS Titanic. In game, he provides Frank Carlson with general assistance in finding passengers and storing any valuable items. His office is located on C-Deck.

Second MissionEdit

During the game, Carlson can request for the Purser's assistance in finding cabin numbers for various passengers and checking in any important objects he obtains during his mission for safekeeping.

During Carlson's efforts to obtain the painting from the Cargo Hold, he speaks to the Purser in order to look at the cargo manifest and be let in to the hold. Both times, the Purser refuses, but can be tricked in letting Carlson do so after completing tasks for him.

When Carlson offers to send an important telegram on the Purser's behalf, the Purser briefly leaves his office unattended when he is informed it has been sent, allowing Carlson a look at the manifest to see where the painting is being kept. When Carlson later finds a missing cufflink for Isidor Straus, the Purser once again leaves the office unattended, allowing the agent to take a set of car keys and gain entry to the hold.

After the Titanic strikes the iceberg, the Purser's office is closed and he is not seen after this. Penny Pringle retrieves any important objects from him and returns them to Carlson when he wakes from his venture up the fourth smokestack.


  • The Purser is played by James Richardson.
  • Titanic's real Purser was Hugh Walter McElroy and was considered popular among the passengers. On the actual night of the sinking, McElroy had attended a dinner in the first class dining area, before taking receipts to his office and then retiring shortly after 10 PM. He died in the sinking.
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