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Importance Zeitel's telegram will reveal the location of the Rubaiyat

Telegrams are messages that are sent through the use of a telegraph machine and were the fastest means of communication, outside of using telephones, in the early 1900s. The RMS Titanic would relay numerous telegrams from other ships and from passengers through the use of a wireless system housed on the Boat Deck.

In Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, telegrams are used as part of Frank Carlson's mission. Three of them can be taken as collectible items.

In order to take two of the telegrams, Carlson must first gain entry to the Wireless Room by speaking with Third Officer Morrow. At different points in the game, two encoded telegrams can be found in the pile of other messages which can be decoded using the cryptograph in Carlson's trunk, located in his cabin.

Carlson can also be given a telegram on behalf of John Thayer, to relay the message for the Purser in order to gain a look at his cargo manifest.



  • Some of the telegrams that can be viewed by Carlson, particularly the warnings about icebergs, are based on genuine messages. The Titanic was sent numerous warnings about the possibility of ice in the area from numerous ships nearby, most of which were unheeded.
  • The Thayer telegram does not need to be entered precisely in order to send it. Typing in any combination of letters into the wireless system after receiving the telegram will count.
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