A Sub Mission is defined as mission that can have no or little effect on the completion of the game. Sub Missions are either completed for personal satisfaction or because they provide an alternative in any case where the player has failed a main mission. Throughout the game there are several missions which play no importance to the central storyline but can still be completed without detracting from the main mission and some missions which are not main missions but are still important to the game. Listed are the sub missions in Titanic: Adventure Out of Time.

Find Evidence to Connect Zeitel to BarbiconEdit

When Carlson makes his first visit to photographer Eric Burns, Burns tells him that he has no time to talk as he cannot find his wife, Stephanie. He then asks if Carlson has seen his wife.


Carlson informs Burns that his wife is by the Grand Staircase. When he leaves in search of his newlywed wife, Carlson has an opportunity to rummage around Eric and Stephanie's cabin. At this point Carlson can develop some of Burn's undeveloped photographs that capture Willi Von Haderlitz, Claris Limehouse, Colonel Zeitel and Sasha Barbicon. These photographs can provide Penny with new information.

Find Eric Burns a Gift For His WifeEdit

Upon one visit to photographer Eric Burns he complains of his wife, Stephanie's annoyance at him for spending more time with his camera than with her on their honeymoon. In order to keep his wife happy, Eric asks Carlson if he has a gift to give to her in exchange for some more photographs.


Carlson can hand Eric a prayer card that was given to him by Reverend Edgar Trout.

In return, Burns will hand Carlson a photograph of a man, later identified as Willi Von Haderlitz, standing at the top of the false smokestack. If this mission is failed then Carlson will learn of Willi's trip to the top of the smokestack from Max Seidelmann.

Do Daisy Cashmore a FavourEdit

The Titanic's biggest gossip, Daisy Cashmore, asks Carlson for a "tiny, tiny, tiny" favour. She wants him to discover the identity of a man who was apparently "making eyes at her" at dinner.


Carlson visits the Purser's office to discover the name of the man is George Quincy Clifford. Delighted, Daisy then informs Carlson that Andrew Conkling desires an audience with him, leading to a totally new mission. Failure to complete this missions means the mission involving the Conklings and the Hackers will not be expanded upon, missing a second opportunity to obtain the painting during the sinking.