Object information
Location First Class Lounge
Usage Can be used to trade with Vlad Demonic if an important item has not been recovered
Owner(s) Claris Limehouse
Leyland Trask's reading "I'm sorry, I'm getting no reading at all. Not even faintly!"

The shawl is an collectible item originally belonging to Claris Limehouse. Gifted to Frank Carlson when the Titanic begins to sink, the shawl can be used to retrieve certain missed items if they were not obtained/were stolen earlier in the game.

After Carlson has woken up following his stand off with Colonel Zeitel, he can speak with Claris upon trying to enter the First Class Lounge. Claris will refuse to leave the ship, wanting to stay behind with Willi and rambling about wanting to visit Central Park with him, even if Carlson informs her that Willi is dead. She gives Carlson the shawl and and asks that, if he gets to New York, he go to Central Park and see the stars.

If Carlson then ventures down to the Turbine Room, he will find Vlad Demonic, having just murdered Sasha Barbicon for betrayal. Vlad, desperate to find a way off the Titanic, asks for Carlson's help once again.

At this point in the game, Vlad can be in possession of a number of different key items: the Rubaiyat, the Lambeth Diamonds, or the Notebook. Carlson can choose to trade the shawl, which Vlad will use as a disguise to get into a lifeboat, for one of these items. However, if Vlad has more than one item, it will not be possible to obtain them all for the best ending.

If Vlad does not have any items to trade, Carlson can simply give him the shawl.


  • Despite the shawl being the only known object that Vlad can use to escape the Titanic, the various ending monologues by Carlson explain that, no matter the outcome, Vlad always survives the sinking.
  • If Vlad has the fake necklace, it will not be possible to trade the shawl for it, even if he does not have any other items to trade.
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