Secret Report
Object information
Location C-73
Usage Contains information on the international political situation as of Spring 1912.
Owner(s) Frank Carlson
"Have you seen the report? In your trunk? On the international situation? I'd jolly well read it if I were you."
Penny Pringle

The secret report is a confidential document found in Frank Carlson's cabin in his trunk. It details the international political situation as of Spring 1912 and explains how fragile the global state of affairs are at the time.

The documents were prepared on 3 March 1912 in Whitehall, London, according to the title page. Given Penny Pringle's knowledge of its existence, it is assumed to have been issued by the Bureau of the Secret Service. The report can be read at any time during the mission by opening Carlson's trunk.


  • The map of Europe included in the report contains an error as Turkey was still part of the Ottoman Empire in 1912. The latter was dissolved ten years later.


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