Second Class Stairwell
Area Accessible via the Boat Deck

The Second Class Stairwell is the main access staircase for Second Class passengers aboard the RMS Titanic. It was all panelled in wood, with white and green linoleum tiles on the floor. There were a couple of wicker chairs on each landing.

It was the only staircase on the ship to span all seven main decks (Boat Deck to F-Deck). There was no exit on A-Deck however, as that was an exclusively First Class deck. Locations could be accessed from the staircase such as the Second Class Promenade, the Poop Deck, the Second Class Library, the Second Class Dining Saloon, and the Second Class cabins on F-Deck.

In the first part of the game, Reverend Edgar Troutt can initially be seen on the E-Deck landing before moving up to the Boat Deck. During the sinking, a member of the crew will be on the B-Deck level to level, Shailagh and Jack Hacker can be found. If Carlson was too late in getting to the cargo hold earlier and does not have the painting, Jack will now have it, and will trade it for Shailagh's baby Eddie, who has been stolen by Beatrix Conkling and can be found on the Boat Deck. If the player does not have either the Rubaiyat or the real necklace of diamonds, the Second Class Stairwell can be taken all the way down to F-Deck and from there, to the Turbine Room to find Vlad Demonic who will trade one of them for Claris Limehouse's shawl.

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