Seaman 1
Seaman 1
Biographical information
Born England, UK
Died 15 April, 1912
RMS Titanic (sunk), Atlantic Ocean
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Black
Eye colour brown
Occupation Guarding the entrance to the Bridge
Loyalty White Star Line

This Seaman was an employee of the White Star Line. During the voyage, he was stationed at the starboard entrance to the Bridge. He won´t allow the player to enter it, even if he has the binoculars. Later, when Frank Carlson goes to Sasha Barbicon´s Cabin, A-14, to get the Necklace of Diamonds, he is fixing the power for the cabins. If talked to, he says that he forgot his screwdriver down the lower decks. He will go to get it and the player can access the power output. He can turn off the lights in Sashas Cabin, so Sasha will go to ask for help and Frank Carlson can access his cabin to get the necklace. When Frank later is on the bridge, he can interact with the steering wheel, but Third Officer Morrow will intercept him. Morrow then commands this Seaman to correct the course. Although Carlson can play with this wheel as long as he wants, he will always correct the course, so this is no way from saving the ship.

During the Sinking, he can be found on Boat Deck launching lifeboats on the starboard side. He also prevents the player from entering the Bridge and the First Class Reception, if he tries to access it via the Grand Staircase. If Carlson shows him the Boat Pass which he won against Buick Riviera, he will put Carlson in a lifeboat and Carlson leaves the sinking ship. He is the only member of the crew who will do this. Later, at the very end, he can be found on the very stern of the ship together with his colleagues Seaman 2 and Third Officer Morrow, cursing about a nearby ship which would be able to rescue them all, but doesn't see the Titanic is sinking. He can still be found on the ship when all the lifeboats are gone and reveals at some point during the sinking that he cannot swim, which both presumes he perishes.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Seaman 1 is played by Alex Tschetter.
  • Like the other seamen, this character is unnamed in the game. He is simply listed as "Seaman 1" in the game credits.
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