Object information
Location Given to Frank Carlson by Willi Von Haderlitz
Usage Key item in learning about the notebook
Owner(s) Willi von Haderlitz
Leyland Trask's reading "I see your friend, Willi von Haderlitz. He is in very great danger. The ring. Yes, did — did you notice the Russian characters on the inside band? Willi has a hidden life."

The ring is a collectible item given to Frank Carlson by Willi von Haderlitz after their fencing match in the Squash Court. A simple gold band with the emblem of a star on a red background, the ring provides clues as to Willi's true allegiances.

After playing two matches of fencing with Willi, the German will offer the ring in friendship to Carlson. Alternatively, if Carlson leaves the matches early, it will be given to him later on Willi's behalf by John Smethells.

After the ring is retrieved, Carlson is guided to Leyland Trask by Henry Gorse-Jones, finding him standing on the Grand Staircase. Trask will remark on the ring if asked to give a reading on it, sensing a vision of Willi's death in the Electric Bath.

Trask will note that the ring has Russian characters on the inner band, hinting at Willi's hidden life. He then tells Carlson to find a girl that Willi knew and show her the ring.

Carlson visits Claris Limehouse on D-Deck, after a hint from Max Seidelmann. Claris will recognize the ring and tell Carlson that Willi told her if anyone ever gave it to her, she could trust them. She will then mention that Willi hid a notebook of some sort on board. Alternatively, Carlson can directly proceed to Claris' cabin immediately after Willie gives him the ring.

Claris will ask Carlson for the ring and he can choose to give it to her or keep it for himself. The choice has no bearing on the rest of the story and the ring will disappear from the inventory after the ship strikes the iceberg.

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