Prayer Card
Prayer Card
Object information
Location Given by Edgar Troutt
Importance Can be given to Eric Burns for his wife
Leyland Trask's reading "The Reverend Troutt's ministrations! He thinks I'm the devil incarnate! This will make someone a welcome gift, I sense."

The prayer card is a collectible item that Frank Carlson can obtain from Edgar Troutt. A picture card with the image of a cross surrounded by flowers, it can be obtained on first meeting Troutt on the Second Class Stairwell and expressing an interest in Leyland Trask, or from a second meeting elsewhere on the ship by speaking with him about his mission in Nyasaland.

The prayer card can be given to Eric Burns as a gift for his wife. In exchange, Eric will show Carlson a picture of a man at the top of the Titanic's fourth smokestack.


  • The message on the front of the card, "Nearer My God To Thee", is the name of the final song that the Titanic's musicians supposedly played in the ship's final moments.
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