Object information
Location Café Parisien
Usage Smoking pipe
Importance Needed to reveal the location of the Rubaiyat
Owner(s) Colonel Zeitel
Leyland Trask's reading "You know, a medium told me the only danger in my life would come on water. Salt or fresh she did not say. Damn it all, I wish they'd be more specific! That pipe's been someplace quite humid recently. I'd visit the Turkish Bath. Good luck."

This is an object belonging to Colonel Zeitel.

How to ObtainEdit

Upon meeting Max Seidelmann, he will invite Carlson to the Smoking Room but they will go to the Café Parisien first where they will meet Willi Von Haderlitz and Colonel Zeitel. The latter will be smoking the pipe and will leave it behind him when he leaves.


1) Take the pipe to Leyland Trask who will do a reading of it. He will reveal that it has been somewhere humid and suggests visiting the Turkish Bath.

2) Go to the Turkish Bath and turn on the faucet so that the room becomes humid. There is a mirror in the room and it will fog up long enough to reveal the location of the Rubaiyat. This is another method to find the book along with the Cryptograph one.