Object information
Importance Give an insight into the game's antagonists

The photographs give an insight into the antagonists in the game - namely Sasha Barbicon, Colonel Zeitel and Willi Von Haderlitz.

Importance in the gameEdit

1) Penny Pringle tells Frank that there's a photographer called Eric Burns on the ship. His cabin is C-78, so Frank must go to visit him.

2) Eric tells Frank that he's on his honeymoon with his new wife who doesn't understand how much photography means to him. He says that he hasn't time to show his photography studio in his cabin, but asks Frank to go and find her. She is walking around the Grand Staircase.

3) When Frank delivers the news he advises Eric that he should pay more attention to his wife. Eric decides to go and look for her and Frank can now enter the cabin.

4) In order to process the photos, the cabin must be dark. A set of instructions can be found with the equipment so Frank can develop the items properly.

5) The processed photographs should be taken to Penny Pringle for examination. If Carlson has the photographs when speaking to Penny following the success or failure of obtaining the Rubaiyat, she will take the photograph of Zeitel and Sasha.

6) Later on, Frank will bump into Eric Burns again. He will hand over a photograph of a person on top of one of the smokestacks if Carlson gives him the Prayer Card.

7.) The photographs will disappear from Carlson's inventory after the ship strikes the iceberg. If they were not obtained before that point, they cannot be obtained later.


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