Object information
Location Sasha Barbicon's cabin
Usage Given to Vlad Demonic so that he leaves Boiler Room #3
Owner(s) Vlad Demonic
Leyland Trask's reading "Sorry, no signals from that at all."
The package is a collectible item and a necessary step in Frank Carlson's attempts to retrieve the Rubaiyat. It is a parcel of clothing and belongings that Vlad Demonic asks Carlson to retrieve from Sasha Barbicon.

The contents of the package.

After speaking with Vlad and agreeing to retrieve the package, Carlson meets with Sasha in his cabin, where the art dealer will reveal information about Vlad's family before handing over the package.

Carlson then returns to Boiler Room #3 and hands Vlad the package. Depending on his actions before going to obtain the package, Carlson can then collect the Rubaiyat or discover that Vlad has already taken it.

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