Carlson: "Thinking about your family?"
Morrow: "It's Annie. With Matthew so sick, I worry about my wife."
— An exchange between Frank Carlson and Third Officer Morrow.

Matthew Morrow was the son[1] of Third Officer Morrow and his wife, Annie. His mother took care of him back home, while his father worked as an officer aboard the RMS Titanic in 1912. Third Officer Morrow said that they struggled to pay for Matthew's medicine.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Morrow: "A man's got his troubles. Sick child. Being away from home. But I hate whiners. And apologisers."
  2. Morrow: "Medicine's expensive and we're paid no bloody great fortune, either. A one-way first class ticket costs more than I make in a year..."