Isidor Straus
First Class Passenger
Isidor Straus
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Ida Straus (wife)
Class 1st class
Occupation Co-owner of Macy's and Lord & Taylor department stores
"Then there's Izzie — Isidor Straus. He's a partner in Macy's and Lord & Taylor in New York. Such lovely emporiums, don't you agree? He was born in Bavaria, but I hear he grew up in Georgia. I hear he even tried to join the Confederate Army — they wouldn't have him. Mrs. Straus is along as well."
Daisy Cashmore.

Isidor Straus was an American businessman, and a partner in popular department stores Macy's and Lord & Taylor. He travelled aboard the RMS Titanic with his wife, Ida.

Max Seidlemann tried, to no avail, to meet him during the voyage. He finally got to meet him up on deck, on the night of the sinking.

In the evening of 14 April, Mr Straus lost his cufflink, and instructed the Purser to find it. Frank Carlson offered to look for it, and eventually found it behind the cushions of a chair in the First Class Reception.

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