Gas Pen
Gas Pen
Object information
Location F-34
Usage Used to knock out Colonel Zeitel
Owner(s) Penny Pringle
Frank Carlson
Leyland Trask's reading "A gas pen, how clever! Don't point it at me!"

The gas pen is an item given to Frank Carlson by Penny Pringle as a precautionary measure after Colonel Zeitel is suspected of murdering Willi von Haderlitz in the Electric Bath. It is a replica pen, complete with a case, that releases a single burst of knock out gas when clicked.

The only time the pen can be used is during the stand-off with Zeitel at the top of the fourth smokestack with the notebook. When Zeitel demands the notebook, Carlson can choose to give him the pen instead. It will knock Zeitel out, allowing Carlson out to escape back down to the Engine Room with the notebook. However, upon doing so, he is ambushed by Vlad Demonic who knocks him out and takes the notebook for himself.


  • The pen is one of the few items in the game that is entirely optional and actually has the potential to prevent the completion of a Perfect Game due to Vlad's theft of the notebook after using it.
  • Regardless of whether pen is used or not, it disappears from Carlson's inventory after the Titanic strikes the iceberg.
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