Turbine room
Area Lowermost accessible deck on the RMS Titanic

G-Deck is the lowermost accessible deck on the Titanic. G-Deck is only accessible to the crew, and contains the Turbine Room and Engine Rooms, the Control Room, the Boiler Rooms and the Cargo Hold. Through G-Deck, one can also access the top of the False Smokestack. There are two ways into G-Deck: via a stairwell by the Second-Class Cabins on F-Deck, or via the Forecastle Deck, that leads into the Cargo Hold. There is also a door that leads from the Engine Room to Scotland Road, but it will only open from the inside.

While all of G-Deck is accessible in the first half of the game, only the Turbine Room is accessible during the sinking - attempting to enter the Control Room will result in Carlson being stopped by a crew member and instructed to get back up top, as the boiler and engine rooms are flooded.

Vlad Demonic, a stowaway, is only ever encountered on this deck, however he always escapes the Titanic regardless of the ending achieved.

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