First Class Lounge
Area A-Deck between the Grand Staircase and the Aft Grand Staircase
"The lounge is closed for the night. We'd open it again only in an emergency. Which we are not experiencing at the moment. Goodnight."
John Smethells

The First Class Lounge was a large public room located on A-Deck, between the Grand Staircase and the Aft Grand Staircase. It was a luxuorious room that featured a grand chandelier and fireplace, where First Class passengers could sit, read books, socialise, play games and have afternoon tea.

In the game, the Lounge is initially closed. If Frank Carlson attempts to enter the Lounge before it hits the iceberg he is intercepted by his steward Smethells, who informs the player that the Lounge is closed for the night and will only open in the event of an emergency.

In the second half of the game during the sinking, the Lounge has been opened and can be explored. The first time the player enters the lounge they will meet Claris Limehouse at the door who laments Willi Von Haderlitz's death and gives the player her shawl which can be traded with Vlad Demonic for a key item if he has one.

Leyland Trask is also in the Lounge, where he reveals he knew about the Titanic's fate all along, and is also aware of Frank's circumstances, warning him that time is running out and urging him to do his best to make the most of this second chance to change the future.

Colonel Zeitel can be found in the Lounge at the beginning of the sinking section, but he moves out to the Boat Deck as the sinking goes on.

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