Reception Stairs
Area Accessible via the D-Deck and Reception area

E-Deck, also known as the Upper Deck, can be accessed via the D-Deck and Reception area and leads to the Electric Bath. E-Deck also contains Scotland Road and stairs leading to the Third Class cabins on F-Deck below.

During the sinking, if the player attempts to descend the Grand Staircase to the First Class Reception on D-Deck, they are intercepted by a crew member who tells them that the water is on the E-Deck landing of the staircase.

Importance Edit

Carlson will need to visit Scotland Road to find a clue. Specifically, he will get this clue by looking at (or the player clicking on) the rope and axe at Scotland Road Aft. Once this happens, Jack Hacker appears and gives Carlson another clue.

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