Area New Mexico, USA
"You look familiar. We make a meeting before? Deauville? The casino at Monaco? New Mexico? I live there once. In Diamondback. Such a town."
Buick Riviera.

Diamondback was a small town in the desert in Valencia, New Mexico Territory, United States. It was located by the Rio Gordo River, near the towns of Rabies, Blow Fly, Dryrot, Asbestos, and Varmint. It had a population of 247 in 1882.

Buick Riviera lived at Diamondback in 1882, after the death of his father left him penniless. He was lodged at the Cactus Bed Hotel, in Main Street, and used to spend the nights at the Hard Drive Saloon.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Diamondback is the setting of Cyberflix's Dust: A Tale of the Wired West, in which a younger Buick Riviera also features as a character. There are many references in Titanic: Adventure Out of Time to Dust, but this one is the most obvious.


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