Daisy Cashmore
First Class Passenger
Biographical information
Died 15 April, 1912
RMS Titanic (sunk), Atlantic Ocean
Physical information
Gender Female
Aboard the Titanic
Class First Class
Cabin A-25
"But my dear, it's Daisy, Daisy Cashmore! Surely you remember… You are a naughty thing! Don't think I didn't know you'd snuck on at Cherbourg! Smethells told me all about it, the old boy's always dripping with news!"
—Daisy Cashmore

Daisy Cashmore (d. 15 April, 1912) is a wealthy American[1] spinster and an old friend of Carlson's. Where and how they met is never revealed.

A fast-taking name-dropper, Daisy loves to talk gossip and is keen on rubbing elbows with all of the rich people aboard. She frequently interrupts herself to hobknob with other passengers. She is incredibly shallow and is interested in wealth, above all else.

Player InteractionsEdit

Daisy Cashmore can usually be found on the B-Deck landing of the Aft Grand Staircase, although later on in the game, she can also be found on the corridor by the B-Deck cabins.

Interaction with Daisy is not required to complete the main storyline. On your first meeting, she will automatically approach Carlson and strike up a conversation. Afterward, talking with her is at the player's discretion. She is frequently full of gossip and will bestow upon the player the goings-on of the wealthy passengers aboard the ship, but little else.


Daisy Cashmore on deck during the sinking

Daisy will start the player on the Conkling side mission by asking about a passenger with the initials GQC, who she believes had been making eyes at her at dinner. After learning about this passenger from the Purser, she will give the player a note to meet Andrew Conkling on Scotland Road.


Daisy can be found on the aft Boat Deck after the ship strikes the iceberg. At first, she rambles and insists she wants to go in the boats with the Astors or Benjamin Guggenheim. However, once the boats start to leave, she begins to ramble. She is either unable to find a boat or refuses to get in the boats of non-famous people, and is seen on the boat deck once all the lifeboats are gone, which presumes she perishes.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Daisy Cashmore is played by Lona Livingston.
  • At some point during the sinking, Daisy Cashmore mentions that "Miss Russell brought her toy pig" to a lifeboat. While this is an historical character and it did happen on the Titanic, Edith Russell was known in 1912 as Edith Rosenbaum — she only Anglicized her surname to Russell in 1920, due to the anti-German sentiment in Paris following the First World War.

Notes and referencesEdit

Lifepreserver The Titanic - Adventure Out of Time Wiki has a quotes page pertaining to Daisy Cashmore.
  1. On the original Cyberflix website, which is now defunct, Daisy Cashmore was described as "a gossipy American".
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