Object information
Location C-73
Usage Deciphers encrypted German telegrams
Owner(s) Frank Carlson

The cryptograph is a machine located inside Carlson's Trunk, in his cabin, C-73. It can be used decode numerous telegrams sent by Colonel Zeitel to his superiors about the status of the trade he is making with Sasha Barbicon.

Puzzle SolutionEdit

The following method works for decoding both of the encrypted telegrams Zeitel has sent. In order to obtain the telegrams, Frank Carlson must first gain entry to the Wireless Room through speaking to Third Officer Morrow.

Upon returning to his cabin, Carlson can open the drawer that contains the cryptograph, connect the red and green wires, and toggle on the power switch. The player can then type in all of the relevant information written on the telegraph, typing in the listed numbers first before the string of letters beneath them.

If the Decode button is pressed, and the information has been entered correctly, the decoded telegraph's contents will then be printed out on a sheet of paper.


  • The usage of the cryptograph can be bypassed completely if Carlson instead finds the location of the Rubaiyat from a secret message Zeitel leaves for Sasha in the Turkish Bath.
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