Corridors to First Class Lounge
Area Located on A-Deck

There was a set of two corridors giving access to and from the First Class Lounge on A-Deck. One of them connected the room to the Grand Staircase, while the other did so to the Aft Grand Staircase.

After the Lounge had closed for the night, on 14 April, 1912, steward John Smethells did not allow anyone to get past the door on this corridor, stating that the crew would "open it again only in an emergency". Later, after the ship hit an iceberg, Frank Carlson met Claris Limehouse there.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the real Titanic, the corridor between the Lounge and the Forward Grand Staircase also led into the Reading and Writing Room. In the game, however, there is no other door on the corridor (although, on the Map, one can see the room, labeled "Reading Room", in its proper place).
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