Control Room
Area Between the Turbine Room and Engine Room

The Control Room is located below decks in between the Turbine Room and the Engine Room.


When Carlson walks through here for the first time en route to the Boiler Rooms for the Rubaiyat, he will be intercepted by a crew member. If he says that he is on official business, the crew member will assume he is with the White Star Line and request assistance with the water gauge.

If Carlson completes the task correctly, he will be allowed to pass on into the Engine Room. It is not difficult, and simply requires turning some of knobs and levers. If you require assistance, the engineer will let you see the instruction manual on how to adjust the gauge.

When Carlson returns to the Engine Room later in order to reach the fourth smokestack where the notebook is hidden, the machine will have broken down a second time and the engineer will not let Carlson pass until it is fixed. The puzzle is the same as before.

The Control Room is inaccessible during the sinking, and is guarded by a seaman who explains that the Boiler Rooms are flooding and instructs Carlson to get back up above decks.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • No such room existed on the historical RMS Titanic. Where the Control Room is located in the game, the Titanic had a watertight bulkhead between the Turbine Room and Engine Room.
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