Conkling's Letter
The Letter
Object information
Location Shailagh Hacker, Second Class Stairwell
Usage Used as a trade with Beatrix Conkling for Edward Hacker
Owner(s) Andrew Conkling, Shailagh Hacker
Leyland Trask's reading "Such venality! Possession of this letter can alter several people's fates."

Conkling's Letter is a confidential document written by a worker at Conkling Steel addressed to Andrew Conkling, later stolen by Shailagh Hacker upon her departure from the Conkling household. It contains details of the quality of the steel that the business has been manufacturing which has been used in the construction of numerous ships, including the Titanic.

The letter reveals that the steel is high in sulfur content, which can cause it to crack if the ship is involved in a collision. Conkling is desperate to recover the letter for fear of the damage that the letter could cause his business if it were ever published.

Though the letter is mentioned during Frank Carlson's dealings with the Conklings and the Hackers, the letter itself cannot be obtained until the Titanic has begun to sink.

During the sinking, Beatrix Conkling steals Shailagh's baby from her with the intent to escape the ship. Upon the Hacker's pleas, Carlson is given the letter to exchange for the baby. Beatrix, realizing that the letter could ruin her and her husband's fortunes, eagerly makes the trade and gives Edward to Carlson for it.


  • The letter's contents, regarding the Titanic's steel being prone to fracture, is partially based upon discoveries of the steel used in the ship's hull. Forging methods of the day as well as poor workmanship on a number of the rivets used in the ship's plating resulted in a metal that was much more prone to fracture and breaking in cold temperatures.
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