Object information
Location Hidden in the lattice of the Café Parisian
Importance Needed to lead Frank Carlson to the notebook
Owner(s) Max Seidelmann
Leyland Trask's reading "No thanks, I don't smoke — Oh! You want a reading? Very well. Hmm... They belong to Mr Seidelmann. Sorry, no signals from that at all."
Frank Carlson: "Got an extra cigarette?"
Max Seidelmann: "Here ya go. An Old Red. Only brand I smoke. Let's hit the café. Whaddaya say?"
Frank Carlson and Max Seidelmann on the First Class Promenade

The pack of old red cigarettes is an item briefly required during the Notebook Quest. It was hidden in the lattice of the Café Parisien by Willi Von Haderlitz in order to lead Carlson to his notebook.

The Notebook QuestEdit

On the Scotland Road, Jack Hacker will recite two lines from the Rubaiyat, as he was instructed to do by Willii before his death. The poetry points to the ivy blowing by the sea, which describes the Café. Going up to where Willii and Colonel Zeitel were sitting earlier in the evening, the cigarettes are wedged in the lattice behind the table. Giving the cigarettes to Max Seidelmann will cause him to mention that he saw Willi on top of the fourth smokestack.