Cargo Manifest
Object information
Location Purser's Office
Usage Reveals the painting's presence on board the ship
Owner(s) The Purser

The cargo manifest is a book listing of all of the cargo stored aboard the RMS Titanic during her maiden voyage, located in the Purser's Office. Though it is sitting outside of the Purser's window, Frank Carlson cannot view the manifest until offering to send a telegram for the Thayers on behalf of the Purser. If he tries to look at it before doing the task, he will be shot by the Purser.

The cargo manifest is used to track down the painting that Sasha Barbicon has stowed in the Cargo Hold. Though the manifest does not indicate where the painting is, it does confirm that it is on board the ship.


  • Most of the items found in the manifest are accurate to Titanic's actual manifest, which can be found here.


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