Cargo Hold
Area Located underneath the Forecastle Deck

The Cargo Hold, located underneath the Forecastle Deck, forward of the boiler rooms, was where cargo, luggage, and other baggage was stored for the duration of the voyage of the Titanic. Cargo was loaded through the main cargo hatch, located in the center of the forward well deck. Two electric cargo cranes assisted in the loading and unloading of cargo.


The Cargo Hold is only visited once by Carlson during his mission. He must possess a set of car keys to enter the hold and retrieve the painting stored there.



The Renault in the Cargo Hold

The automobile seen in the game, a 1912 Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville, actually existed and was purchased by William Carter. However, it is likely that the car was being transported in a crate and would have been inaccessible to Carter or Carlson.

Despite his wealth, Carter would almost assuredly have been unable to see his car at any point during the voyage. It is also unusual that three passengers (Carter, Willi, and Carlson) would have access to the cargo hold.

The seaman guarding the hold mentions that one must have the car keys to enter, yet he mentions that Willi was there before Carlson's arrival (assuming he beat Carlson to the painting.) Unless Willi stole the keys from the purser, he would have been unable to gain entry into the cargo hold as well.

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