Car Keys
Car Keys
Object information
Location Purser's Office
Usage Used to gain access to the Cargo Hold
Owner(s) The Purser

The car keys are a collectible item that is necessary to access the Titanic's Cargo Hold. During Frank Carlson's mission to retrieve an important painting, the keys must be taken from the Purser's Office to find it before someone else gets to it first.

Speaking with the Purser after aiding him with sending a telegram, Carlson is told that Isidor Straus has lost his cufflink and that the Purser needs to find it as soon as possible. Carlson offers to find it for him and when he does, the Purser leaves his post unmanned to return it to the Strauses. The keys can then be taken and used to gain entry to the Cargo Hold under the pretense of being the car's owner.

Once Carlson leaves the hold, with or without the painting, the keys are removed from his inventory and are never seen again.


  • It is not possible to get a reading from Leyland Trask on the car keys as he cannot be found during the quest for the painting.
  • The car the keys belong to a Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville, was actually on board the Titanic and was owned William Carter. Though the car itself was lost with the ship, Carter and his family survived the sinking.
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