Area C-Deck in First Class
Occupant Colonel Zeitel

C-59 was a First Class stateroom on C-Deck,  occupied by Colonel Zeitel. It is located just down the corridor from Frank Carlson's cabin, C-73. During the first half of the game, the cabin is inaccessable and if knocked on, no one will answer just the same as most of the other cabins on the ship. 

Carlson can only access the cabin during the second half of the game, after the ship hits the iceberg, in order to retrieve the notebook if Zeitel stole it from him earlier. On entering however, Zeitel will follow him in and torment him about how the Titanic is sinking and he has no way to succeed in his mission. He will also explain that he is leaving the notebook with Frank "for a little bedtime reading" and that "the bomb on the sofa will take care of everything else". He then leaves, and locks Frank in the cabin from the outside, intending him to either blow himself up while attempting to defuse the bomb or be trapped in the cabin and go down with the ship.

Disarming the BombEdit


The bomb Frank must defuse to leave the room.

Examine the briefcase on the sofa. The bomb will be revealed.

1.  Find the middle switch box between the explosives and the solenoid.  Turn the switch to the number three.  (Click on the knob’s pointer, then click on the three.)

2.  Find the right-hand side switch box between the solenoid and the battery and turn the knob to three.

3.  Find the left-hand side switch box between the explosives and the alarm clock and turn the knob to two.

4.  Let the clock run out.  You will hear the alarm ring.

5.  Go back to the left-hand switch box between the explosives and the alarm clock and reset the knob to three.

6.  The bomb is now defused.  Click on the box with the key to open it.  The key will appear on the navigation screen and disappear once you go out the cabin door.

If you make a mistake, the bomb will detonate and blow a huge hole in the side of the sinking Titanic, but it does not result in a Game Over. You will be shown a diagram of the bomb which explains what connects to what, and can either try defusing it again, or simply give up and you will be given the key automatically and are free to leave with the notebook.


If you make a mistake....

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