Area Accessible via the Boat Deck

The Bridge (more accurately the Wheelhouse) is the area from which the RMS Titanic was commanded, housing the ship's steering gear, engine-order telegraphs and other paraphernalia. The Bridge is located on the forward-most part of the Boat Deck. The officer's quarters were located directly aft of the bridge, though they are inaccessible by the player.


Passengers are not usually allowed on the Bridge. However, if Frank Carlson finds Third Officer Morrow's lost binoculars, he will be allowed on the bridge so long as he doesn't touch anything. This is true for the seaman guarding the starboard entrance, as well.

After the Titanic hits the iceberg, the seamen do not let any passengers on the Bridge.


Along the aft wall of the Wheelhouse are four telephones connected to the boiler rooms. These, along with the ship's wheel, are the only things that can be interacted with on the bridge. The player may not interact with the engine-order telegraphs or any of the doors.

Attempting to alter the course of the ship using the wheel, even by a single degree, will earn a harsh rebuke from Third Officer Morrow who will immediately correct the ship's course and heading. Oddly enough, Morrow will not do this until the player "leaves" the wheel, meaning one could alter the course for several minutes before it is corrected. Despite this, there is no way to prevent the ship from hitting the iceberg.

Though there were numerous other crewmen and officers on duty the night of the sinking, only Officer Morrow and the unnamed crewman are present.

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