Boiler Room
Boiler Room
Area Accesible via the Turbine Room and Engine Rooms

The boiler rooms, of which there are six aboard the Titanic, are where the ship's 29 coal-fired boilers are located. Of these 29 boilers, 24 were double-ended and the remaining 5 were single-ended. Combined, they contained a total of 159 furnaces. The boilers were fifteen feet, nine inches (4.80 m) in diameter and twenty feet (6.1 m) long, each weighing 91.5 tons and capable of holding 48.5 tons of water. They were fed around the clock by 179 firemen and consumed 600 tons of coal a day.


The boiler rooms were strictly off-limits to passengers, but if Frank questions the lift attendant he will reluctantly explain how to get there. They are located down the stairs from Penny Pringle's cabin but Carlson must also go through the Turbine Room and Engine Room reaching the boiler rooms.

The Rubaiyat is located in Boiler Room 3, stashed in the control box for coal chute 4. Frank must engage in conversation with a Serbian stowaway named Vlad Demonic and agree to obtain a package from Sasha Barbicon before transferring the Rubaiyat from Coal Chute 4 to another chute before leaving to retrieve the package. If he does this, Vlad will have failed to find the book in the said drop-off point and once he has left to deliver the news to Sasha Barbicon the book can be retrieved.


Dressed in his tuxedo, Frank would almost assuredly stand out in the boiler rooms and be immediately ejected by the crew. How he and Vlad both go undeterred is a mystery.

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