Area A-Deck in First Class
Occupant Sasha Barbicon

A-14 is one of the First Class A-Deck cabins, occupied by Sasha Barbicon during the crossing. It is a small cabin, and Barbicon keeps it cramped with a collection of paintings he is shepherding to New York.

Barbicon kept a Matryoshka doll on his dressing table, in which he hid the real Lambeth diamonds.


  • The painting of the ships that appears on the wall of the cabin is seen at the start and end of the game in Frank Carlson 's London apartment.
  • The cabin on the real ship was occupied by First Class passenger George Quincy Clifford, whose name is mentioned in the game. He did not survive the sinking.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cabin A-14 is depicted as an interior cabin, however, it oddly features a porthole.
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